Monday, August 30, 2021

#RPGaDay2021 Day 30: Mention

Well, #RPGaDay2021 is wrapping up, and the prompts at the end here are really pushing us a certain way, what with their lack of alternates. Not the worst thing, however. I'll use today's prompt to mention some folks that have made my role-playing journey a source of joy (and missing a ton of others while I'm at it).

Let's see.

In my "Real Life" world I have a ton of friends I've been gaming with this whole time, starting with my friends Rich and Josh from back in the High School days, on to Chardin, then Bill, Bill, Bill, Andrew, Barry, Alisha, Drew, Tracy, Jacque, Kate, Dan, Mike, Jason (among others I know I must be forgetting)… Some of them are involved in activities that may strike your fancy!

  • Superhero Necromancer: A press involving a few friends, currently they have a number of pamphlets and a zine detailing the Rainy City, a doomed city at the end of the world (and setting of tons of sessions we've played over the years). Be sure to check it out and see if it tickles your interest. A unique setting with a great art style and beautiful maps. (Also: Twitter, Threadless Shop )
  • Center for Learning through Games & Simulations: A good chunk of my play group has work experience with Central Michigan University. A couple of them are active in games based learning. As part of this center they do outreach and presentations regarding the possibilities of games based learning, and also are looking to publish games that can be used in the classroom. I'm not an academic and have surely not described what they're up to as best as possible, but if you're curious check them out! (Also: Twitter )
  • BlackDogPath: Bill Spytma, who does the artwork in all of the Superhero Necromancer publications so far, in addition to a variety of art in various media he does on an individual commission basis (working with bone, leather among other things), has a shop where you can check out a few of his designs. You can also check out some of his art on Twitter, and probably a variety of places I do not even know!

In my "Online Life" I have another set of folks that have been pretty great, some of whom I'll mention here:

  • Matt Meade is a guy who has been active in the Street Fighter RPG community since all of the way back. This site, which used to be known as "Matt's Conversions" was one of better sites back in the day. Over time, however, it came to be the best Street Fighter RPG site in the English speaking world. His fan created supplement for this game, the G-File, and some of the resources he provided on his site served as an inspiration to me when I decided to tackle the Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game 20th Anniversary Edition. Just the way everything looked so professional and close to the look of the original books got me excited. After I started work on SF20 and I contacted him, we eventually met in person and we've managed to on occasion inspire each other a bit to continue working on our pet projects. He also provided some images and editing work on SF20, along with promotion. 
  • Batjutsu: Richard "Bat" Brewster is another guy important to the current online English speaking Street Fighter community. He's been around the block and has been involved in a few things in the wider RPG space, but for me personally I most have gotten to know him through the work done to translate the material produced by the Brazilian community, making it available to all of us English speaking folks. He's put in so much work, and it's been great.
  • Shotokan RPG: Relatedly, I'd like to mention the Brazilian Street Fighter community. When the English speaking community has lulled, they have been there keeping things alive the whole time.  Some individuals in particular that come to mind are Eric "Musashi" Souza, Ingo Muller and Odmir Fortes (among other contributors).

Yeah, I have found RPG goodness in many other places over the years as well. It would take quite a while to mention them all, even if I could remember. Forum posts, blog entries, maybe even a podcast or two have had interesting things to say that have broadened my appreciation of the hobby.

Day 30 done!

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