Monday, August 30, 2021

#RPGaDay2021 Day 31: Thank

The final day, and the final prompt: Thank. 

Yesterday I sprinkled some thanking in with my mentioning of other folks I've role-played with and enjoyed the company of while engaged in this hobby. Almost everyone I mentioned yesterday has been involved in making my life more enjoyable, and you can't beat that! I'd also like to thank everyone who read any of my writing this month, those who responded and those that provided support as well. 

When it comes to an event like #RPGaDay obviously I had some impulse to participate, but a post a day for a month is a lot of raw material to produce. Not everything I wrote was great or insightful. There is a part of me that feels like spamming my Twitter every day for a month is maybe wasting everyone's time, or is presumptuous as to the value of what I was laying down. I was satisfied with what I produced on some days, and on others I could think of blog posts I've read that have said similar things 20 times clearer. Why not just link to them? In the end, I dunno, I guess blogging is a self-expression thing and you have to do it to get better at it. There is also something to be said for producing in public, because in so much as you care what others think, you are motivated to meet a standard.

Another aspect of participating in #RPGaDay2021 for me was definitely that I'm hoping it acts as a method to kickstart more writing so that I can keep this blog rolling. I enjoy being a part of an RPG community, and part of keeping scenes alive is participating in and contributing to them. Blogging, forum participation, being a player or GM, or producing material for RPGs are all different ways to surround yourself and immerse yourself in the RPG world, and I guess that is something I'd like to keep growing in my life a bit.

Thanks again for checking everything out, and I hope somewhere in my blogging you found something enjoyable, relatable or possibly even thought provoking. Now for me to personally move on and keep going forward! What's next? Ideas for articles suited to Uzis, Capes & Katanas? Something pitched towards the Street Fighter RPG community? Maybe I consider putting in to GM something for my friends on the Game Night schedule? Maybe I take RPG thoughts I've had and do the grunt work to move them forward? Whatever it is, I'll be sure to blog about it here.

Rock on!

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